About me

Walking with his friends on his way to school which was some 3 km away from his home, a kid would say: “I want to compose one song album, write one book and make one film”. That was in a small town in central India where hardly any good resources were available for anyone to develop himself. Forced to study in an English medium high school after doing primary in Hindi medium, the kid was completely lost. Forget the concepts of science, arts or languages, this kid wouldn’t understand what was being spoken in the class. The only thing he liked about school was Hindi and Scouts. He wasn’t bad in Maths though, but he always thought that kids who top in exams had something special – much beyond his comprehension. Such was his confidence.

He gradually found that he was doing quite well in the regional language which was different from Hindi and the language he spoke at home. And later he discovered that he wasn’t bad in English either.

At school age itself, it became clear to him that literature was his future. It started with him stealing money from home (for the first and last time) to buy the 15 paise film song leaflets. Later as a high school kid he had subscribed to an adult literary magazine Sarika from his savings. In the meantime he had finished reading most Hindi stalwarts thanks to the local railway library.

After his SSC exams, he declared to his family that he wanted to join the Arts stream and pursue a career in Hindi literature. That came as a shock to the elders. To them this youngest in the family was almost writing obituary of his career before it took off. He did take up Science on family’s insistence and became dead serious with studies when he lost his father a couple of years later.

Decades later, that kid is still alive in me, as passionate as ever. In the meantime he enriched his life with extraordinary experiences in academia, science, mining, IT, management, leadership, working in India and overseas, filmmaking and, of course, writing and music. To top it all, his life experiences – from villages, small towns and cities in India to international destinations and through strong connections with people from all walks of life – are what he thinks made him wealthier. A firm believer in “there’s always a lot to learn and contribute” which keeps him grounded, he likes to integrate facets of life and the world to arrive at a new awakening.

Career-wise, he is…

Writer, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Executive, Filmmaker, Songwriter, Producer, Project Manager, Geologist, IT Professional… and more

…. because human professions and disciplines are not Nature’s creations. He is. His specialisation? A generalist, a ‘big picture’ person. He seeks insights, not information. Knowledge to him is just a means to that end and not an end in itself.


  1. Nasreen Reply

    Awesome website Abhijt – very impressed. Heard your song too, read your poems and other articles, saw some of the lovely photos. Fabulous effort and I will keep visiting from time to time. Well done!!

  2. nilanjana Reply

    খুব ভালো. কিন্তু এত সময় পাও কি করে এসব করার. You should thank Alaka for letting you do this instead of giving her a hand in gardening 🙂